Help and Hope for Today and Every Day

24 Dec

I love this picture with the bright orange sunflower and the cornflower blue background. It makes me smile and feel hopeful. There are so many tired, burnt out, fearful and unhappy people in this world. Yet, there is hope–if we will take the time to seek it. As I’m working on finishing my third book so far, Allowing Joy into Your Life, one of the things I’ve learned is that I need HELP. I can’t have the joy or the peace or the victory all by myself. I need others. I need my husband and my children. I need my church family. I need everyone God sees fit to put in my path.

There’s one problem, unfortunately. I don’t like to admit that I need help! I realize I need help. I even want help. Goodness! I like getting help. But, I don’t like to admit that I NEED help. I’m an American, after all. I don’t need anybody. Right? Wrong! God didn’t create me to exist all by myself. He created me to live and love and work with others.

Pride is not only sin, it is an evil which will pull you down into the pits of hell. It will take your life, chew you up, and spit you back out with nothing to show for it. Pride does nothing but lie. Of course you need people. We all do. If we build up walls around ourselves, soon we will find we have no one at all but Pride to keep us company and Pride is poor company indeed.

In the book of Ephesians, chapter 6, Paul talks about putting on the whole armor of God. However, he doesn’t stop there. He ends it with prayer, and not just prayer for himself, but prayer for others, all the saints (Eph. 6:18).

We need each other in order to make it through this life. We need each other in order to make it through the day! The amazing thing is, God created us in such a way that our lives are actually more fulfilling, more victorious, more joyful, when we share ourselves. When we humbly admit to our needs, we are set free to become all that God has for us. No longer does everything depend on you. No longer does the world depend on me. I can admit I need help and receive it. How freeing!

Pride doesn’t offer that kind of liberty. Pride pushes down. Submission and humility raise us up. Pride cripples. Humility heals. Pride abandons. Humility embraces. Pride disables. Humility enables. Pride hates. Humility loves and God supplies, strengthens, and builds.

There is no shame in admitting you need help. In fact, when you humble yourself, God comes in and blesses beyond all we could ever ask or imagine.

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