Benefits of Knowing Jesus

08 Jul

What We Have In Christ:

A love that can never be fathomed; A life that can never die; A righteousness that can never be tarnished; A peace that can never be understood; A rest that can never be disturbed; A joy that can never be diminished; A hope that can never be disappointed; A glory that can never be clouded; A light that can never be darkened; A happiness that can never be interrupted; A strength that can never be enfeebled; A purity that can never be defiled; A beauty that can never be marred; A wisdom that can never be baffled; Resources that can never be exhausted. –Author Unknown.

Jesus’ love for us is truly unfathomable, that He would spend over 6000 years sending prophets and putting into place the perfect time for His personal appearance here on Earth to die for us and then raise Himself up again is unbelievable. The very fact that He was willing to take on sinful flesh for our sakes still amazes me. Then, He kept that flesh. He still wears that flesh and rules, not as an incredibly large being, but as flesh, like me and you.

God wants to sit next to me and you. In fact, He wants us to sit on His throne—next to Him! That kind of love is more than I can even understand. I pray that I may learn to love Him more, to show it in my daily life, to respond to His love, rather than just take it for granted. The rest of the poem is also worth dwelling on, life everlasting, untarnished righteousness and peace that passes all human understanding. Jesus doesn’t just offer me hope in the life to come, He offers me eternal life, LIFE, starting right now. That righteousness the author talks about is not my own. It’s His and can’t be dirtied by this world. I don’t have to work so hard to be righteous ON MY OWN. I can receive His help and truly become more like Him. That’s where that peace comes in. My hope isn’t in my own skill or talents, it’s in Him. It’s ALL in Him.

Of course, the poem goes on to list more that we have in Jesus. The thing is, if you sat down, I bet you could list even more than the ‘unknown author’ did. The question for you (and me too!) is this: What kind of a difference is this knowledge about what we have in Christ going to make in our everyday lives? If we simply read it and think, ‘Hey that’s cool,’ then go on our merry way, it means very little. However, if we read and apply, our lives will be changed. –Excerpted from Defeat Fear Forever, chapter 8.


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