Just Settling In—the Joys of UnPacking

02 Nov

 I will admit up front that I do not like unpacking. I would probably like it a lot more if I had de-cluttered before I packed in the first place, but here we are. However, I’ve been surprised at all the joyful moments I’ve experienced in this crazy process.

For one, I have so much to be thankful for. I have pretty clothes, pans to cook in and food to cook! My children have clothes, warm coats for the approaching winter, and toys to play with. As I put things away, I realize just how blessed I am.

Another joy I’ve found in unpacking is through my husband’s strong arms and back and his wise ideas in helping to make this new place truly a home. As I appreciate him, I am blessed.

My children have also been a source of joy. While this move has most definitely NOT been easy, it has brought us all together in some beautiful ways. In order to survive, we have to work as a team. I love that. For the most part, their attitudes have been good. Of course, they’ve needed motivation here and there to just get moving, but then, so have I! If I give them clear direction, they do a great job!

Day by day, as this house is turned more and more into my own fairy tale castle, I can’t help but smile. We’ve still got a garage full of boxes (and a basement too!), but that’s okay. We’ve got each other. We’ve got an incredible God who is happy to offer comfort, encouragement, and wisdom in how better to do things.

As I come to Him with problems and frustrations, He patiently listens and guides me to stop trying to do this on my own. I can’t. I need help, not just from my family, but divine help as well. I can either walk in the joy, peace, and love of the Lord, or I can walk in stress. My greatest joy is the joy of the Lord, so easily available. All I have to do is ask. He even helps with unpacking!


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2 responses to “Just Settling In—the Joys of UnPacking

  1. Amy Steely

    November 15, 2011 at 7:04 am

    Glad to hear you find ways to smile admist the boxes and stress of moving. We love you all and think of you often

    • ChristinaLi

      November 15, 2011 at 7:45 am

      The stress hasn’t been terrible, only when I start trying to do stuff in my own strength rather than in the Lord’s. When I lean on Him, everything gets done and I find stuff. When I just bulldoze my own way, it’s a nightmare. God bless you. We love you too and miss everyone so much. This move has been good and tough in so many ways. It was so hard to say good-bye, especially to such wonderful people like you guys, but I know this is God’s will for us. Please keep us in your prayers and stay in touch. 🙂


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