Thankful for this Life–Marriage, Mommying, Making a Difference Serving and Writing

23 Nov

When I think about just how blessed I am, I am overwhelmed. The Lord has made so many changes in our lives recently, but even that has been a blessing.

It hasn’t been easy, picking up and moving seven people from Minnesota to Chicagoland, leaving a thriving business and precious violin students and their families, leaving our amazing pastor and church, our precious friends that we worked with and ministered to. We will always love them and continue to pray for them. Just because we are no longer in MN in person, doesn’t mean that our hearts have completely left.

Through it all, I am amazed at all the blessings the Lord has just poured out. We have a lovely home here in Chicagoland. We have a dear pastor and his family that love us. We have new friends that we are working with and ministering to. The Lord has blessed my husband with a job teaching the violin to inner-city kids in Chicago. Our kids are adjusting and making new friends and I am settling in getting stuff unpacked and put away. (Of course, I’ve had lots of help from my sweet husband and children!)

Then, there’s my writing. What an incredible thing to be able to write and publish and get paid! 🙂 Wow! I checked out my Amazon dashboard the other day and someone had bought an e-copy of one of my books over in the U.K.! Someone on the other side of the world bought my book!!! How cool is that?

I am also grateful to be able to do things like NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month–50,000 words in 30 days). It’s shown me that yes, the Lord is calling me to this, and that it takes work, discipline, and dedication. I love it! (Of course my daughter finished her 50,000 words about a week ago! That’s okay. I’m so proud of her.)

One of the things that the Lord has been dealing with me is truly walking in His love and peace and His Spirit all the time. Whenever I’m writing, or cooking, or homeschooling, or looking for something buried in a box that still hasn’t been unpacked, I still need to walk in His Spirit. I can try to do everything in my own strength and get stressed out and make everyone miserable, or I can choose to live that ‘peace that passes all understanding’, that ‘joy unspeakable and full of glory’. The Lord will never force His way into any conversation. I can choose to ignore Him or include Him. When I actively include Him, I am always blessed.

The biggest thing is surrender and submission. It doesn’t matter who gets the credit, so long as the Lord is glorified. If I am willing to surrender myself, the Lord is free to work in my life and I and many other people get a blessing! That’s the way to live! That’s the adventure!

I think the biggest lesson of all is a simple question: Do you trust the Lord to keep His word? If you do, then you will see your mountains moved. You will see your desires come to pass. You will see the blessing in your life. We say we trust the Lord, but when that’s tested, with moving and job and house, do we trust Him or do we freak out and get stressed? Do you choose peace or stress? It’s your choice.

If you want to see more victory in your life, check out the book Defeat Fear Forever. It won’t work if you don’t apply it though. I’m living proof of that! However, if you apply those principles and live the promises of God, you will go beyond what you ever thought possible in your life!

As we enter this season of holidays, may it be a time of hope for you and all yours!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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