Black Friday and Beyond eBook Bargains! :)

27 Nov

Starting Friday, Nov 29 and running through Dec 3, 2013, my author friend, Sonya Noble, and I are posting our books on Amazon kindle’s countdown deals! These are a great deals and would make nice gifts. Enjoy! 🙂


Rescuing Vanessa: A Little Bit of Coffee, Flowers, and Romance

Rescuing Vanessa: A Little Bit of Coffee, Flowers, and Romance

by: Christina Li

Cats, Dogs, Aliens, Oh My!

Vanessa is hiding something. No matter what, she can’t seem to escape her mistake. Shame keeps her from trusting the Lord, her family, even the man who loves her. Will she be able to let go and allow herself forgiveness? Or will she fall prey to the man who wants her dead?

One reviewer said: “Rescuing Vanessa was a splendid combination of adventure, romance, and inspiration!! I deeply enjoyed the well-developed characters and the consistent reminder of God’s presence in every aspect of life. Beautifully done!”


Cats, Dogs, Aliens, Oh My!

by: Sonya Noble

What if you could cross through to another dimension…on a train?
What if people had discovered how to create a human that could shift into a dog…by experimenting on their children?
What if cats could talk?
What if aliens existed in said other dimension?
What if humanity’s only hope was the human dog shifter?
And what if you splashed a girl, her cat and a ton of faith right into the middle of it?

A reviewer said: “This book was soon good I finished it off in one night. I would highly recommend this book to anyone!”


Defeat Fear Forever


Defeat Fear Forever

by: Christina Li

Do you suffer from fear? Do you feel like your dreams will never come true because of your fears? Are you afraid of failure, success, sickness, job loss, financial troubles, death? Defeat Fear Forever addresses those very issues in nine progressive chapters. Warning: Don’t buy this book if you are not willing to change the way you think and act. Don’t buy this book if you are not truly willing to do what it takes to defeat fear–for real and forever. There are things in this book that will more than likely challenge what you have always been taught. However, if you are willing to apply the messages in this book to your own life, you will start to see victory. You will even start to see miracles. What are you waiting for?

A reviewer said: “Just finished reading “Defeat Fear Forever” by Christina Li. Truly an inspiring book full of spiritual insights and Scriptural foundation. This encouraging book will answer many questions about that old common ill that haunts all of us, ‘fear’.” Charlotte L Pound (Author)

Enjoy! I’m planning on doing a countdown deal on another book later on. Keep Watching!


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