New Year/New Challenges/New Adventures

16 Jan

ID-10031199Oh my goodness! It’s 2014 already. Where did the time go?

Every January, our pastor issues the church a 21 Day Challenge. It’s slightly different each year according to the leading of the Lord and the needs of the people. This year, we’re spending 21 Days focusing on these things:

  1. 30 min of uninterrupted prayer every day.
  2. Daily Bible reading
  3. Daniel Fast, no meat, no sweets, no entertainment media (including FaceBook, fiction books, movies, etc.)
  4. Fasting as the Spirit leads (a day, a meal, etc.) and spending that time in prayer.
  5. Be faithful to church attendance
  6. Prepare my heart with 30 min of prayer prior to worship
  7. Minister to the needs of others

None of these is too difficult, not even all that much of a sacrifice. (I will miss chocolate, though!) However, my pastor didn’t stop there. He asked us to seek the Lord as to what He wants us to be willing to give up in our lives in order to get closer to Him. There is no sin in eating meat or sugar or decent entertainment, but this is a time to give up some things in order to focus our energies on Him. In thinking about this more deeply, several friends have brought up specific things they will give up during this time, such as shopping just for fun or Internet surfing.

For me, this is a time to search out what lies I have been believing that hold me back from what God wants in my life. This is also a time to prioritize my goals and seek vision for what the Lord wants me to accomplish and/or eliminate in my life.

I love checklists. It is the most wonderful feeling to check off those things that are done! So far, my daily goal/checklist is this:

  1. Decide to Trust Jesus and Husband every day (instead of my crazy feelings!)
  2. See what Jesus Sees, Speak what He Says, Do what He Does.
  3. Purposefully Connect with Hubby and Awesome Ones 🙂
  4. Continue to Study Book of John and Read a Devotional every day.
  5. HomeSchool with Excellence (Sis Latta Poems, BibleQuiz quote/memorize, Math, Teach/Facilitate Effective Communication through Writing, Musical Instrument Practice)
  6. Write Daily (Articles/Fiction/Blog/FB posts)
  7. Read Marketing book
  8. Read Writing Craft/Research book
  9. Cook, Laundry, Regular Home Pick-Up
  10. Exercise

To be honest, I don’t accomplish every one of these things every day, but that’s okay.

My goals for the year, so far, are

  • Help my daughters publish their latest fiction
  • Publish my own new fiction book by June
  • Publish blog posts more consistently
  • Have more of a presence on FB

It is so good to take the time to consider the past year and what you would like the future to be, short-term and long-term. You and I need vision. It’s great to have goals and even better to accomplish them.

What are your goals for 2014? There are sure to be plenty of new challenges and new adventures. What exciting times we live in!

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