Pics to Encourage and Inspire

03 Mar

I have been blessed to find some great sites that have free pics to download. I thought I’d share some of them with you!

Queen Knighting a man Accolade_by_Edmund_Blair_Leighton

Accolade by Edmund Blair Leighton

For you history buffs, I found this pic on wikimedia commons:

It is completely free and is a public domain image. You writers out there could come up with all sorts of ideas with a pic like this, historical romance, mystery, adventure. Have fun!


Pink Rose And Coffee Cup Stock Photo

By samuiblue, published on 04 October 2013
Stock Photo – image ID: 100206020

Most of you know that I LOVE coffee. 

This pic came from one of my favorite free sites, You can pay to get higher quality or to avoid having to attribute credit, but if you just want the pics for yourself, (or don’t mind giving credit!) have fun! (One small word of caution: This site does include pictures of women in swimwear and men without shirts, but you can avoid those fairly easily.)

What sorts of stories could you come up with a pic like this? Hmm. Why are the coffee beans spilt? Where did the roses come from? Has the coffee been drunk at all? Why one cup? Is there more to the pic than we can see? If a picture truly is worth a thousand words, let’s get our ‘words’ worth’!

Regency Couple lovecouplegfairy003b This is a pic of regency couple I found here:

All of these pics are free as well.

If any of you enjoy regency reads as much as I, this is a terrific pic for inspiration! The man is in a uniform, is he going off to war? Are they already married or just pledged to each other? What happens next?! You get to decide!

Rose from Space for Valentine's Day

This pic came from the NASA space site:

Whether you like sci-fi or not, this pic is lovely. You could come up with all kinds of romance with this picture. Do you want to create a space opera? Go for it! Or it could be simply a hero or heroine who likes to study the stars. Maybe a ‘nerd’ romance.

Of course, you don’t have to write a thing, just enjoy the pic and save it on your desk top! It’s free and public domain.

LambThis is a photo from wikimedia that I added an inspirational quote from the Bible.

You might use it to create a parable of your own or a children’s story or a story about a shepherd or whatever you would like.

ID-10026027Here’s a couple of good photos for you mystery writers out there (or those who enjoy coffee as much as I do!). These are also from freedigitalphotos.

I love a good mystery, especially with a little romance and adventure thrown in!


Who or what are these photos of? What does the detective, amateur or professional, write in the journal? What kind of coffee does he or she drink? Does that add to the description of his character? You decide!

Topiary Knot Garden by artur84This is a Topiary Knot garden, also from freedigitalphotos.

What a fun adventure this could become! Who lives in this house? Why the interest in this type of garden? Do some research and learn about these types of gardens. Who ordered the garden? Who tends it? What sort of people visit here? Will this be a mystery, romance, adventure, or all three? Will this be historical or contemporary? You decide!

Guy with Little Red Box Behind His BackI had to include this one! It’s called ‘Guy with a red box behind his back’ and is from freedigitalphotos.

Who is the ring for? How long have they been dating? How will he ask? What is he like? What is she like? Where and when does this take place? You decide!

I love pictures. They provide so much inspiration. We were created visual beings and that’s a wonderful thing. I hope you enjoy these pictures.

God bless you and happy March!

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