A Devasted Devil

06 Feb

I’d sure like to give the devil a migraine!! Who’s with me?

The Life Church of Des Plaines

Notes on A Devastated Devil

abrc7x4_gly-diana-simumpandeThe other night, my husband, Charles Li, preached a sermon on ‘A Devastated Devil.’ What gives Satan a headache? To me, that’s a great question because, unfortunately, in my life, I’ve made him smile all too often. I’d much rather be giving him a headache!

He gave an interesting comparison between the pro-choice’s rallying cry, “My body, my choice!” and the Body of Christ.

1Co 12:14  “For the body is not one member, but many.”

Here’s a direct quote from his sermon:

The Body of Christ is often described in Scripture as the Bride of Christ. Just as they fight for the protection of their own body, so must we fight for the protection of the Body of Christ. You are a hand, or a foot, a blood cell, in the Body of the Bride of Christ. You are part of an immune…

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